Pan-Canadian Graduate Courses


Graduate courses taught by one (possibly several) instructor with students attending both locally and remotely from institutions across distributed Canada.

How Does It Work?

Each pan-Canadian course maps to a local course at an institution. Students enrol in these local courses with existing course numbers, and receive grades and course credit for those local courses. A local faculty member ensures the local course is open for registration and takes care of the local admninistrative requirements (expected to be a very light duty so no teaching relief at the local institution should be required). The course instructor(s) then delivers the course to the class with some students being local, and others joining remotely from other institutions, using video conferencing software, such as Zoom, or any other software desired. Courses are delivered synchronously with the class meeting at specified times, and the course instructor is available both locally and remotely for students.

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Duties of Local Faculty Representative

  • Determining mapping of pan-Canadian course to local course
  • Ensure the local course is open for registration
  • Ensure a suitable room is available locally, if needed.
  • Be the "instructor" for the local course (for local administrative purposes)
  • Coordinate with course instructor
  • Provide course instructor with names and students numbers for local students
  • At the end of the course, enter student grades (converting them, as necessary) into the local grade management system
  • Provide local invigilation if written final exams are required by the course
  • Provide any other assistance to the course instructor, as may be necessary

Duties of Pan-Canadian Course Instructor

  • Coordinate with local faculty representatives at each institution which will have students enrolling in the course
  • Set a course time that is timezone-friendly for students residing anywhere in Canada
  • Ensure an appropriate video conferencing platform is used so that all students are able to participate in the class
  • Make themselves available to students, whether local or remote.

For Faculty Members

If you would like to offer your course as a pan-Canadian one, or if you would like to be a local representative to make pan-Canadian courses accessible for students at your institution, please email Mark Thachuk.

For Graduate Students

If you would like to enrol in a pan-Canadian course, consult the list of courses being offered below, and find the local courses at your institution that map to them. Simply enrol in those local courses. If your institution is not listed in the mapping table, then noone from your institution has been designated as a local faculty representative. In that case, please consult the CATC Members list and contact a member at your institution, asking them whether they would be willing to serve as a local representative (as described above).

Pan-Canadian Course Offerings: 2020-2021 Academic Year